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September 10, 2013

Remind me not to go into the kitten pen wearing my dressing gown. A) It’s probably not the best idea from an infection control perspective B) Kittens love to climb bare legs inside of hanging down clothes. I now have little puncture wounds all up my legs and the dressing gown is in the wash!!!

I spent an hour or so in there this morning just getting to know Jasmine and her kits. Well 3 of the kittens anyway – the two beautiful tabbies have already gone to their new family – how quick was that! I didn’t even have time to get a photo of them altogether.

They are delightful kittens – often the cats who come our way have had a hard start in life and it can take a lot of work and patience to get them to the point where they trust people and enjoy being made a fuss of (see Humbug’s story in Jackie’s Cats) – not these little ones. I don’t know Jasmine’s back story (and I probably couldn’t share it with you if I did) but when I first met her back in July she was a purr-y affectionate creature who came to greet you when you walked into the pen and her kittens are just gorgeous – happy, loving, lively and unafraid.


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