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March 23, 2014

Today Hero, my little foster kitten with limited vision, is waking up after a good night’s sleep in his new home. He has gone to live with a young couple who specifically wanted a cat or kitten that needed special care and attention. I had been worrying what kind of a future Hero would have, or how easy it would be to find the right family for him, and have been feeling very responsible for him. But things have a way of falling into place and I think this home was meant to be for him :-)

They were so excited to meet him and will have lots of time to spend with him, play with him and keep him company. And he will make an adorable companion. He will be a totally indoor cat but has a lovely big house to roam around, windowsills to sit and watch the birds from and every toy and activity that a little cat could desire! His new owners say he is settling in very well, is eating, enjoying being brushed and playing with his new toys. Many thanks to Margaret and Michael for putting my mind at rest and giving him such a good life to come.

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  • Hero's new family
    April 3, 2014., 3:55 pm | Reply

    Hi Jackie Hero (now called Harry) had a visit to the vets today. It was to simply give him a check over. The vet says his sight is fine. Both eyes seem to working great! Slight sight issues but nothing to worry about. Certainly not blind in either eye. He did lots of little tests and everything seems great. He will be neutered in 4 weeks time. All is great - he is playing loads, stopped drinking loads, doesn't walk in circles anymore. He loves to roam and venture around the house with us following everywhere we go. He has been upstairs twice with us. Sits on our knees and falls asleep on evenings. Still doesn't like being picked up but perfectly happy to come on to us in his own time. Happy little man :) Thrilled to bit that he's ours.