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September 9, 2013

Jasmine and her new-born kittens came to stay with me for a few days back in July. They went on to another fosterer to care for them, but now they are back with me while they are being homed. I can’t believe how much they have grown in eight weeks! The last time I saw them they could fit in the palm of your hand. Now they are lively affectionate little bundles of fun.

The main purpose of fostering has been neo-natal care and socialisation. In the last eight weeks they will have been played with and stroked and cuddled, to get them used to being around people. They will have been exposed to different noises and textures, and have had a variety of toys so they can explore and develop the skills they will need as adult cats. I can take no credit for the lovely little individuals they are turning into, but I know they will have had a lot of attention.

At around 5 weeks old they will have started to eat solid food and be weaned from their mother’s milk. They now eat moist kitten food (Felix or Whiskas pouches) and also dry kitten kibble (Purina Pro Plan). One of the kittens will not eat the moist food, despite having been tried with several different brands, but will eat raw minced chicken – it is fine for her just to eat a quality dry kibble though, as long as she has access to plenty of water.

Now 9 weeks old, they have this morning been for their first vaccinations and to be micro-chipped. All our kittens have at least their first vaccination and are chipped before we offer them to be homed. At our local branch, we also have a policy of testing at least one of each family or social group for FIV and FeLV – usually on admission – Jasmine was tested on admission as part of her initial vet check and is fine, so it is likely that all her kittens are fine too.

So they are now ready to be adopted. I don’t imagine I will have them for long. In fact four of the kittens are already booked for new homes and I will be saying goodbye to them in the next few days.


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