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September 10, 2013

Thank you this info. The kittens, Jack and Jess(!) have settled in really well. Really chatty, cuddly, purring kittens, I must admit I am finding hard to get up off the kitchen floor to do work! They have kept us on our toes hiding up and inside H…’s play cooker for the first couple hours, we only found them when they realised they were stuck! Now however they are attempting to escape the kitchen to begin their new adventures, tonight the living room! Thought you might like the attached.

– JOSEPH (now JACK) AND JESSICA (now JESS) Adopted September 2013

Joseph (now Jack) and Jessica (Jess) in their new home

Tags: adopted cat


  • Jackie
    September 10, 2013., 5:00 pm | Reply

    What a great picture - so glad to hear they are settling in well. I didn't really have Jack and Jess long enough to get to know them but I've spent a couple of hours with their brothers and sister today and if your two are as lovely as them you are going to have hours of fun with them :-) Keep the photos coming...