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December 24, 2013

Buzz came to me a couple of months ago and joined the disparate mix of kittens staying with me. He was an odd little soul – about 12 weeks old but only two thirds the size of the other two kittens I had of similar age. He reminded me more of a little mouse than a cat! He had been found alone and probably poorly nourished, but was quite a feisty little chap – sociable and handle-able but used to fending for himself. I wasn’t too sure how he would fit in with others. The first couple of days he grumbled and grizzled when the other kittens came near his food bowl or a favoured toy. But it was amazing how quickly he adjusted to his new situation, and it was lovely to see him sleeping in the “huddle” with the others, and playing games with them.

He responded wonderfully to a bit of TLC and some good quality food and is just a gorgeous quirky little boy who will make his new family a friend for life.

Hi just to let you know that Buzz who has now been renamed Felix (the Second) after our other Felix. (Hope you don’t mind). has settled down really well…he is absolutely wonderful and both D… and I are delighted and feel so lucky that we have such a delightful kitten. Shall send a photo in a few weeks when I can catch him at a quiet moment Thank you!

– Buzz’s new family

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  • Buzz's new family
    December 24, 2013., 4:48 pm | Reply

    Here he is trying to help with wrapping up! He is a real scamp! Very mischievous and takes great delight in sneaking into the sitting room and manically running around and even up the Christmas tree! He is absolutely brilliant and he loves children... various little ones have come to see him and he obligingly and gently plays with them. We all love him!
    A very Happy Christmas to you.
    A... and big purrs from Felix