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December 26, 2013

Hi Jackie

Good to hear from you.

Cinders is doing very well. She has fattened up dramatically, and I have also managed to cut down her 6 sachets a day! that she was on while feeding her kittens. She is very happy and fussy, and loves playing with her catnip mouse, which she chases everywhere, deposits in my slippers/handbag if they are on the floor, and often takes it up/down stairs.

She likes going out, and exploring a bit, but is always close by, and comes very easily.

Occasionally she is fussy with what she eats, but no longer tries to get on the worktops, or break into the kitchen bin. On her first week, she pinched a chunk of parmesan cheese and ran upstairs to hide it!

She has, sadly, been to the vets a handful of times, as she seems to be allergic to some things eg harvest mites (found in the grass apparently, and prolific this summer), and something undetermined that makes her lips swell and blister. Vet took a biopsy to rule out anything very nasty, but that seems to be OK, and is now sorted.

She never scratches or bites, which is good, and tolerates our little grand daughter who strokes her nicely, follows her around, and helps give her biscuits and water.

I shall attach a few pics, and need to take some more regularly which I shall send as I take them.

Hope you and all your cats are fine, and I’ll keep in touch.

– Cinders’s new family

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Tags: adopted cat, allergies, Feeding, nursing mothers


  • Jackie
    December 26, 2013., 5:48 pm | Reply

    Your tale of the parmesan cheese made me giggle! Nursing mums seem to be RAVENOUS for AGES while their hormones subside. Sorry to hear she has had some allergies - the exact source of an allergy can be quite difficult to identify. Harvest mites can be a problem in late summer. Check that your flea control routine is also effective against harvest mites - I know the Advocate spot-on is good for this, but not all flea products do. I'll try and write a longer article about allergies when I get a minute as I know a lot of cats are affected by this.

  • Jackie
    January 21, 2014., 7:31 pm | Reply

    I've just posted an article about toxins and was thinking about what you said about Cinders's lips blistering. I wondered if this could be the problem: Plants containing insoluble calcium oxalate crystals - common houseplants like the peace lily, philodendron, and pothos can cause oral/upper GI irritation, foaming at the mouth, and inflammation when ingested, but severe symptoms are uncommon

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