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December 24, 2013

Sam went to his new family last week. They thought very carefully about the decision to adopt a new kitten, as they only recently lost their previous cat, whose brother Kasper was feeling a bit lost. But they fell in love with Sam when they met him, and I’m sure he will enrich all their lives.

Sam, now called Alfie, is a lively little character, always looking to see what mischief he can get into next! During his stay with me he had an interesting technique for drinking water – first he scooped some water out of the bowl, then he stood with his front feet in the bowl and drank from the bowl. Then of course he walked all over the place with wet paws!

Incidentally, several people have asked me to write something about bereavement. Both people and animals feel the loss of a loved member of the household – I’ll give it some thought and post an article.

Thanks very much for the pictures. We’re starting to get a few of him now that he’s settling in. L… has decided to call him ‘Alfie’ after trying out a few names. He’s been wandering about making himself at home and keeping us amused. Kasper (our other cat) is getting used to him and I’m sure they will be firm friends soon. I’ll send you some pictures once they are downloaded.

— Alfie’s new family

Alfie's gallery

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  • Alfie's new family
    December 30, 2013., 11:12 am | Reply

    Hi Jackie, here are some more pictures of 'Alfie'. He has settled in really well. He's continued to show the lovely nature that he had when we first saw him and he's gaining confidence all the time. He has learnt how to use the cat flap and is starting to go outside. He and Kasper are getting on fine. They rough and tumble and follow each other about. They both seem to have taken to the idea really well. Alfie is getting bigger all of the time and we are surprised at how big he has grown in such a short time. He is eating well and he is really good at drinking from his bowl (without getting his feet in!). We'll send you some more pictures and news shortly. Thanks, D..., C..., L... & ...

  • Jackie
    December 30, 2013., 11:40 am | Reply

    Many thanks for the photos :-) That looks one happy little cat. I see he has his own cushion and his own iPad! Do you have any of him playing with Kasper? It's great that they have found friends in each other. How did you manage to get him to drink from his bowl without making a huge mess? I tried all sorts of things with no success at all!!! I'll set up a little gallery in the main post above and put a few of his photos in it...