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September 6, 2013

I took Dolly to the vet this morning for her annual vaccinations and MOT. One of the things we talked about was the cost of flea and worming products. I generally use Advocate spot-on with both my own cats and the fosters as it is an effective product with broad coverage, protecting against not only fleas but things like ear mites and also some intestinal worms such as roundworms (but NOT tapeworms – you will need a separate product such as Drontal tablets or Panacur paste for those). The last time I bought a pack of 6 pipettes for larger cats (weighing from 4kg to 8kg) from the vet’s, it cost me £41.29. Unlike some of the flea preparations, Advocate requires a prescription from the vet which bumps the price up a bit.

Did you know though that your vet may be willing to supply a prescription that can be used to purchase Advocate online? Online stores are often able to sell commonly used medications at a cheaper rate than your vet can because they are able to purchase them in bulk. There are many websites out there selling pet supplies and obviously I can’t comment on ones I haven’t used. But as an example, I have used for non-prescription items and found them fine. At the time of writing, their price for the same 6 pipettes of Advocate for larger cats is £24.20 + FREE DELIVERY. My vets charge around £8 to issue a prescription making the total cost somewhere in the region of £32 – a considerable saving on buying the product from the veterinary practice. For information about how to buy items that require a prescription, see

Vets are bound by laws surrounding the issue of prescription drugs and can only issue a prescription for a cat who is actively in their care and has been seen by them.

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