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October 31, 2013

Toffee (the cat formerly known as Mintoe) is doing really well and seems very content with his life in the village.  He is still very vocal and loves his food – he loves a long conversation and is very good company.  He is also a keen hunter and loves nothing more than to torment the local wildlife, often bringing home many examples of his work.  Voles/field mice and headless rabbits are his favourite offerings!  However, he still manages that “butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth” look as I’m cleaning the kitchen up of his left overs!  I think that he likes the odd scrap too as there are a couple of other cats in the area, but that’s boys for you. The only issue we have had is that we can’t get him to wear a collar, which probably increases his wildlife hit rate.  We have tried two and he will put them on but seems to panic and become stuck in his bed whilst his breathing becomes very heavy.  Do you know if he was ever tethered by the neck as this would explain it?


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