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January 9, 2014

Hi Jackie,

I’m sorry I haven’t got round to emailing to let you know how Tommo is, and how happy we are with him. He settled in very well and our lives have revolved around him since.

I work part time and on the days he sees me getting ready for work and T… for school, he runs and gets in his cat carrier by the front door, as he knows he’s going to Grandma’s!

He also has an evening routine where he sits on the side of T…’s bath while she talks to him. Yes, he has fallen in before (four times). Afterwards he sits on her bed and waits for the bedtime story, which is usually about a kitten.

Unfortunately we had to cancel a holiday when we discovered he had cat flu and wouldn’t be welcome at the cattery. When he was better, he stayed there for a week during the summer, which rather spoiled our holiday as T… missed him so much.

He started out as a sweet shy little kitten but I’ve got to be honest, he’s now going through a ‘teenage thug’ phase. He bites and scratches quite badly, but you can see he’s only playing. I was out with T… today and went to hold her hand, only to find we both had too many Tommo scratches, making it too uncomfortable!
I wouldn’t know where to start in finding a good Tommo photo – I’ve got hundreds, so I’ve just taken some of him enjoying the fire this evening. Although he has lots of beds, his favourite place at the moment is a cardboard box with screwed up tissue paper.

We’ll keep checking your site, hoping to see more photos of Tommo’s relatives!

– Tommo’s new family

Tommo's gallery

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